Deepchecks Continuous Validation: Testing, CI & Monitoring

Welcome to Deepchecks!#

Deepchecks is a holistic open-source solution for all of your AI & ML validation needs, enabling you to thoroughly test your data and models from research to production.

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Deepchecks Monitoring Dashboard

Deepchecks’ Components for Continuous Validation#

Deepchecks provides comprehensive support for your testing requirements, from examining data integrity and assessing distributions, to validating data splits, comparing models and evaluating their performance across the model’s entire development process.

Testing Docs

Tests during research and model development

CI Docs

Tests before deploying the model to production

Monitoring Docs (Here)

Tests and continuous monitoring during production

Deechecks’ continuous validation approach is based on testing the ML models and data throughout their lifecycle using the exact same checks, enabling a simple, elaborate and seamless experience for configuring and consuming the results. Each phase has its relevant interfaces (e.g. visual outputs, python/json output results, alert configuration, push notifications, RCA, etc.) for interacting with the test results.

Phases for Continuous Validation of ML Models and Data

Get Started with Deepchecks Monitoring#

Deepchecks Monitoring takes the testing experience all the way to production: enabling you to send data over time, explore system status and receive alerts on problems that arise over time.

🏃‍♀️ Open-Source Installation & Quickstart 🏃‍♀️

End-to-end guide to start monitoring your first model in a few minutes.

🏃‍♀️ SaaS Quickstart 🏃‍♀️

End-to-end guide to start monitoring your first model in a few minutes.

💻 Set up your environment 💻

An elaborate guide for installing the deepchecks-client SDK and getting your API token to start working with the monitoring app

🤓 User Guide 🤓

A comprehensive view of deepchecks monitoring functionalities, concepts, available configurations and core use cases.

🚀 Demos 🚀

Full examples of industry use cases - from sending the data to seeing and understanding the results in the system. Follow along the examples or download and run it yourself!

🤖 API Reference 🤖

Reference for all of Deepchecks’ SDK’s components.

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