User Guide#

For installing the open-source version of the monitoring app, check out the Install the Open-Source Deployment guide, and for getting started with the SaaS version go to the Quickstart - Get Deepchecks Monitoring Up and Running

To get better familiar with the way the system operates, and dive into various concepts and configuration options, make sure to check the General section.


Here you can find all of the data related to the system and the way it operates, this includes: info about our concepts and terminology (e.g. checks, monitors, alert rules, etc.), workspaces, FAQ about interacting with the SDK and app (e.g. recommendations regarding uploading of the data), aggregation methods (over windows), metrics, etc.


Here you can find more info and examples about how to set your data and model and see them in deepchecks. In the quickstarts you can find quick guides, and aside from them you can find more elaborate explanations about each of the steps.

User Interface#

This section goes through the different screens in the Deepchecks Monitoring UI, and how you can work with each of them.


End-to-end examples showcasing how to send data from real-life scenarios, all the way through to finding issues in production and pinpointing their root cause.