Here you can find the key concepts, structure, recommended flow, and dive in to many of the deepchecks functionalities.

Deepchecks Testing Suite of Checks


This section gives an overview about how to work with deepchecks: when to use it, our concepts and hierarchy.


This section contain guides which are more general and not relevant to a specific use case or data type. The logic explained in the guides is used throughout the package in a variety of locations.


This section contain information regarding technical aspects of deepchecks usage, such as how to connect it to your ci/cd process, different ways to save the check and suite results, how to customize checks, suites, metrics, etc.


Here you can see code examples for how to use deepchecks with various existing tools. Of course, deepchecks can easily be integrated with many additional tools, here you can find examples and code snippets for inspiration. Contributions to this docs section are very welcome!