String Length Out Of Bounds#

This notebook provides an overview for using and understanding the String Length Out Of Bounds check.


What is String Length Out Of Bounds#

The StringLengthOutOfBounds check detects strings with length that is much longer/shorter than the identified “normal” string lengths.

import pandas as pd

from deepchecks.tabular.checks import StringLengthOutOfBounds
from deepchecks.tabular import Dataset

Generate Data#

col1 = ["deepchecks123", "deepchecks456"]*40

col2 = ["b", "abc"]*41

col3 = ["deepchecks"]*80

## col1 and col3 contain outliers, col2 does not
df = pd.DataFrame({"col1":col1, "col2": col2, "col3": col3 })
df = Dataset(df, cat_features=[])

Run the check#

String Length Out Of Bounds

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