CheckResult.save_as_html(file: Optional[Union[str, TextIOWrapper]] = None, unique_id: Optional[str] = None, show_additional_outputs: bool = True, as_widget: bool = True, requirejs: bool = True, connected: bool = False, **kwargs)[source]#

Save a result to an HTML file.

filefilename or file-like object

the file to write the HTML output to. If None writes to output.html

unique_idOptional[str], default None

unique identifier of the result output

show_additional_outputsbool, default True

whether to show additional outputs or not

as_widgetbool, default True

whether to use ipywidgets or not

requirejs: bool , default: True

whether to include requirejs library into output HTML or not

connected: bool , default False

indicates whether internet connection is available or not, if ‘True’ then CDN urls will be used to load javascript otherwise javascript libraries will be injected directly into HTML output. Set to ‘False’ to make results viewing possible when the internet connection is not available.


name of newly create file