__spec__ = ModuleSpec(name='deepchecks.tabular.integrations', loader=<_frozen_importlib_external.SourceFileLoader object>, origin='/home/runner/work/deepchecks/deepchecks/deepchecks/tabular/integrations/__init__.py', submodule_search_locations=['/home/runner/work/deepchecks/deepchecks/deepchecks/tabular/integrations'])#

The specification for a module, used for loading.

A module’s spec is the source for information about the module. For data associated with the module, including source, use the spec’s loader.

name is the absolute name of the module. loader is the loader to use when loading the module. parent is the name of the package the module is in. The parent is derived from the name.

is_package determines if the module is considered a package or not. On modules this is reflected by the __path__ attribute.

origin is the specific location used by the loader from which to load the module, if that information is available. When filename is set, origin will match.

has_location indicates that a spec’s “origin” reflects a location. When this is True, __file__ attribute of the module is set.

cached is the location of the cached bytecode file, if any. It corresponds to the __cached__ attribute.

submodule_search_locations is the sequence of path entries to search when importing submodules. If set, is_package should be True–and False otherwise.

Packages are simply modules that (may) have submodules. If a spec has a non-None value in submodule_search_locations, the import system will consider modules loaded from the spec as packages.

Only finders (see importlib.abc.MetaPathFinder and importlib.abc.PathEntryFinder) should modify ModuleSpec instances.