create_colorbar_barchart_for_check(x: ndarray, y: ndarray, ylabel: str = 'Result', xlabel: str = 'Features', color_map: str = 'RdYlGn_r', start: float = 0, stop: float = 1.0, tick_steps: float = 0.1, color_label: str = 'Color', color_shift_midpoint: float = 0.5, check_name: str = '')[source]#

Output a colorbar barchart using matplotlib.

x: np.ndarray

array containing x axis data.

y: np.ndarray

array containing y axis data.

ylabel: str , default: Result

Name of y axis

xlabelstr , default: Features

Name of x axis

color_mapstr , default: RdYlGn_r

color_map name. See for more details

startfloat , default: 0

start of y axis ticks

stopfloat , default: 1.0

end of y axis ticks

tick_stepsfloat , default: 0.1

step to y axis ticks

color_shift_midpointfloat , default: 0.5

midpoint of color map

check_namestr , default: ‘’

name of the check that called this function