TextData.calculate_builtin_properties(include_properties: Optional[List[str]] = None, ignore_properties: Optional[List[str]] = None, include_long_calculation_properties: bool = False, ignore_non_english_samples_for_english_properties: bool = True, device: Optional[str] = None)[source]#

Calculate the default properties of the dataset.

include_propertiesList[str], default None

The properties to calculate. If None, all default properties will be calculated. Cannot be used together with ignore_properties parameter.

ignore_propertiesList[str], default None

The properties to ignore. If None, no properties will be ignored. Cannot be used together with properties parameter.

include_long_calculation_propertiesbool, default False

Whether to include properties that may take a long time to calculate. If False, these properties will be ignored.

ignore_non_english_samples_for_english_propertiesbool, default True

Whether to ignore samples that are not in English when calculating English properties. If False, samples that are not in English will be calculated as well. This parameter is ignored when calculating non-English properties. English-Only properties WILL NOT work properly on non-English samples, and this parameter should be used only when you are sure that all the samples are in English.

deviceint, default None

The device to use for the calculation. If None, the default device will be used.