FeatureDrift.add_condition_drift_score_less_than(max_allowed_categorical_score: float = 0.2, max_allowed_numeric_score: float = 0.2, allowed_num_features_exceeding_threshold: int = 0) Self[source]#

Add condition - require drift score to be less than the threshold.

The industry standard for PSI limit is above 0.2. There are no common industry standards for other drift methods, such as Cramer’s V, Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Earth Mover’s Distance.

max_allowed_categorical_score: float , default: 0.2

The max threshold for the categorical variable drift score

max_allowed_numeric_score: float , default: 0.2

The max threshold for the numeric variable drift score

allowed_num_features_exceeding_threshold: int , default: 0

Determines the number of features with drift score above threshold needed to fail the condition.


False if more than allowed_num_features_exceeding_threshold drift scores are above threshold, True otherwise