load_data(data_format: str = 'Dataset', as_train_test: bool = True) Union[Tuple, Dataset, DataFrame][source]#

Load and returns the Iris dataset (classification).

data_formatstr , default: Dataset

Represent the format of the returned value. Can be ‘Dataset’|’Dataframe’ ‘Dataset’ will return the data as a Dataset object ‘Dataframe’ will return the data as a pandas Dataframe object

as_train_testbool , default: True

If True, the returned data is splitted into train and test exactly like the toy model was trained. The first return value is the train data and the second is the test data. In order to get this model, call the load_fitted_model() function. Otherwise, returns a single object.

datasetUnion[deepchecks.Dataset, pd.DataFrame]

the data object, corresponding to the data_format attribute.

train, testTuple[Union[deepchecks.Dataset, pd.DataFrame],Union[deepchecks.Dataset, pd.DataFrame]

tuple if as_train_test = True. Tuple of two objects represents the dataset splitted to train and test sets.