LabelDrift.add_condition_drift_score_less_than(max_allowed_categorical_score: float = 0.15, max_allowed_numeric_score: float = 0.15) LabelDrift[source]#

Add condition - require label properties drift score to be less than a certain threshold.

The industry standard for PSI limit is above 0.2. There are no common industry standards for other drift methods, such as Cramer’s V, Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Earth Mover’s Distance. The threshold was lowered by 25% compared to feature drift defaults due to the higher importance of label drift.

max_allowed_categorical_score: float , default: 0.15

the max threshold for the PSI score

max_allowed_numeric_score: float , default: 0.15

the max threshold for the drift score


False if any column has passed the max threshold, True otherwise